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Farm Fresh Eggs

Unfortunately, our flock was destroyed by predators earlier this year so we are unable to offer eggs or meat chickens.  We share our farm with a delightful flock of 17 cage free Auracana hens.  They live in a comfy henhouse and get plenty of time outdoors to scratch for food and spread their wings.  The girls are hard workers and produce plenty of eggs for our family and yours. They eat only natural products and recieve no drugs, hormones or antibiotics.  Much of their feed is produced and milled right here on the farm from grains we grow using organic methods.  Our birds lay the prettiest eggs, mostly pastel green with a few pink and an occasional brown or blue.  Size varies but most are large to extra large. 
We've added a small flock of beautiful Rouen Ducks to the farm this spring.  In a few months they'll be producing some wonderful duck eggs.  They are still young and are enjoying swimming in their pool now that the weather has gotten warm. 
We also raise Cornish X chickens as meat chickens.  They are primarily for our family use but we will be happy to raise some for you on contract.  They are pasture raised in mobile enclosures and we'll raise you one or twenty, just contact me about your needs.  We treat our birds with love and respect.  You'll never taste healthier, more tender chicken than these.
  State law requies us to sell only onsite so you are welcome to drop by and pick up a dozen.  I suggest calling ahead, texting or emailing to be sure we have eggs available since we sell out quickly each week.  Eggs are $3.00 a dozen or $2.50 if you bring your own box.  You can pay by credit card at the farm.