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GarlicTennisballGolfball.JPGWe grow great Hardneck Garlic here at Froggy Meadow Farm.    Music garlic has 5-8 cloves in its' large bulbs.  It has a wonderful rich pungent flavor.  Stored properly, it will keep for 6-10 months.  Garlic is harvested in July and cured for 4-6 weeks.  We begin taking orders in Mid-July and ship in September.  Our garlic sells out quickly every year.  Garlic is available for Pre-order now with shipping in September.  Order at our online store at localharvest.org. or email us directly to place an order.
garlicscapeconverted.jpegAlso available locally in June, we have fresh garlic scapes.  Scapes are a long curling section of the plant stem which has a flavor like a garlicky green onion.  They can be used in salads, soups, or anywhere you would use a scallion or green onion.


French Grey ShallotsWe grow True French Shallots at Froggy Meadow.   True French shallots are difficult to find and are a cut above the Dutch shallot you'll find in grocery stores.  Any skilled chef will tell you that the subtle taste of shallots is one of the keys to fine cuisine. We grow Red shallots of the Jersey Long variety.  We also produce the rare Griselle or French Grey Shallot.   We harvest our shallots in early July and cure them for 4 weeks before shipping them in August and September.  Quantities will be limited so order early please.  Contact us by email to place an order or use our online store at Localharvest.org