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 What's New!!!

2014 has arrived and we're deep into the winter repair and maintenance season.  Garlic and Shallots are in the ground and getting ready to emerge in a few months.  Seed and plants have been ordered and we are eagerly awaiting the thaw.  Our chickens are in winter relaxation mode but are still producing lots of eggs each week.  If you'd like to enjoy our fresh and delicious eggs straight off the farm just contact me to arrange a pickup time.  Find out more about our poultry here.




Welcome to Froggy Meadow Farm.  We are a small family operated farm located a few miles west of Beloit, Wisconsin.  Using organic methods, we produce a small selection of high quality, naturally raised crops.  We are committed to using sustainable agriculture. Absolutely no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers are used in our fields.  Our mission is to provide you and your family with healthy safe food that is locally grown.
Our primary crop here at Froggy Meadow is Fresh Organic Wisconsin Edamame.  Edamame is the finest grade of edible soybean and is harvested at its peak for use as a fresh bean.  Our other main crops are Hardneck Garlic and Shallots.  We also produce a variety of other products such as Honey, Beeswax, Popcorn, Raspberries, Black Walnuts, Morel Mushrooms, and many vegetables available in season.  Please take a look through our site to learn about the products we offer and how to get them.
Modern agriculture excells at producing vast quantities of food in a very efficient manner.  Unfortunately the cost of this type of production is a reduction in food quality and a heavy reliance on chemicals to fight weeds and pests.  These industrial methods are not friendly to the land or to you the consumer.  Small farms like Froggy Meadow have sprung back to life all over our country as the demand for safe healthy foods has grown.  To be sure of the quality of your food you need to deal with someone you can trust, an individual farmer, not a large corporation.  Food that is local reduces the amount of fuel used to transport products.  Food from other countries may be cheaper but consider how much energy is wasted bringing you that Chinese honey or blueberries from South America.  Don't trust questionable organic labeling on products, instead develop a relationship with a local farm where you can see how your food is grown.  Please support the American family farm.